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Mile 7 Claude McKee
EZ-Hook Streamliner Sam Wheeler in Scrutineering
Drew Scruitineering

Staff Working Areas- An overview


  • Preparing/Dragging the course and pit areas
  • Setting up flags, laying out pit area, Radio setup,  Registration trailer setup
  • Scrutineering and Impound setup
  • Activities start 1 week prior to start


  • Front Gate
    • Getting AMA Liability form signed, Processing Entry Gate Fee(s), Issuing Wrist Bands, Issuing Vehicle Dash Passes, Issuing passes held at gate (sponsor/ guest/ press), Cash Handling
  • Registration
    • Registering Pre-Entered Participants,  Onsite Participants, and Run- Watcha-Brung Participants
    • Issuing all Tech Forms, Data Entry for all participants, Cash Handling
  • Merchandise Sales
    • Sale of Merchandise, Cash Handling
  • Radio Announcing
    • FM radio broadcasting
    • Calling out Rider details, reporting on speeds and event happening during the week

ScrutineeringMotorcycle technical knowledge REQUIRED.
All Scrutineers subject to AMA approval.

  • Scrutineering
    • Inspecting each vehicle and participant’s gear to ensure it meets all regulations
    • Supervising the preparation of engines to be measured by the FIM/AMA official
  • Impound
    • Supervision of vehicles making record runs

CourseExcellent Communication skills REQUIRED.

  • Pre-Staging
    • Holding bike in pre-staging area(s), check bike before release to starting line, releasing to starting area, maintaining waiting list
    • Communicating via radio with course direction on staging and traffic flow to start lines
  • Starters
    • Starters hold absolute authority on the motorcycles entering the course as such these positions work in a team to ensure the following items
      • General verification and check of motorcycle/rider at starting line
      • Utilize radio to announce motorcycle number to Timers/Course Control and coordinate release of motorcycle to the course
      • Verify Scrutineering, and helmet stickers,
      • Ability to respond and communicate calmly and clearly during emergent situations
  • Spotters
    • Keeping an eye on the track for potential problems
    • Communicating with starter and tower operations
    • Ability to respond and communicate via radio calmly and clearly during emergent situations

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