FIM Helmet Homologation Program

FIM Homologated helmets are mandatory for ALL FIM World Record attempt participants.

As of January 1st 2020, the FIM Circuit Competition’s riders are requried to use an FIM homologated helmet. Here you will find details regarding this requirement.

What is an FIM Homilogated Helmet?

An FIM Homologated helmet is one that is already homologated for street use, but has passed additional testing required by the FIM. These tests have been put in place to give a better protection to the riders with innovative evaluation criteria.

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What Helmet Styles and Sizes  meet the FIM Homologation?

 There are a variety of helmets that meet the FIM homologation requirement, however there is some significant restrictions on the brand, model and size of helmet available to our USA based participants. Currently the only helmet that has both the FIM Homologation AND is DOT certified for resale in the USA is the AGV Pista or LS2. Other brands may have their make and model sold in the USA, but may not have the FIM homologation label. For a full list of Homologated helmets on the FIM Website here

What does an FIM Homologated helmet look like?

FIM homlogated helmets have a holographic label with a QR code sewn onto the chin strap. Each helmet is linked to the FIM database of helmets to be confirmed during technical inspection via the QR code. ONLY helmets on the list, with the label are qualified for use during BMST for FIM participants.  Confirm that any helmet you plan to purchase has the appropriate markings and is listed before purchase. Information and further details on identifying a homologated helmet on the FIM website here.

To view the FIM Memo to all Circuit Racing participant under CCR disciplines (includes Land Speed Racing): CLICK HERE

For more information on the FIM Homologation Helmet program by the FIM, including technical requirements for testing click here.

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