Conditions of Entry

Please read carefully.

Conditions of Entry

AMA’s Statement of Responsibility:
You have voluntarily entered an AMA sanctioned competition meet. An AMA sanction indicates that this meet is listed in the Association’s official calendar and that the AMA rules for competition may be used as a guideline. It does not indicate that the track has been inspected or approved by the Association, nor does it indicate that the officials have been trained or accredited by the Association, nor does it indicate that your safety has been assured by any AMA authority or the organizer.

Motorsports are inherently dangerous. You should take part in this competition based on your own assessment of your abilities. If you have not personally inspected the course, we urge you to do so. You have been provided an opportunity to practice under non-competitive conditions. If you have not practiced, we urge you to contact the referee (officials) at this time. You are responsible for the quality and condition of your motorcycle and protective apparel.

The organizer does not provide medical insurance coverage. We urge you not to compete in motorsports without adequate personal medical insurance coverage. If you have any doubts at this time about your personal abilities to participate in this meet, if you have not adequately prepared yourself and your equipment, or if you believe personal insurance coverage are not adequate to compensate you for any loss that might occur, we urge you to notify the organizer who will immediately refund your entry fee. Spectators witnessing these meets thereby assume all risks for any injury or damages resulting therefrom.


  • Terms and Conditions
    • It is the participant/spectators’ responsibility to read the conditions of entry. The AMA, FIM, promoters, officials, sponsors and vendors will not be held responsible for any consequences that results from persons not reading and understanding the conditions.
    • We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this Terms of Use Agreement. You are accordingly advised to consult the Terms of Use Agreement each time you view and use the Website. Do not Participate or use the Website if you do not agree to all of the following terms and conditions.
  • Entry
    • Participants are not officially entered until the entry form and entry fees have been received by the event promoter and processed. A $40 Manual handling fee will be added to your entry cost for manual processing.
    • All riders must have a current driver’s license at the time of the meet from the state/country in which they reside (minor excluded with Parent/Guardian authorization).
    • All persons entering the meet are required to sign a liability waiver form before being admitted (at entry gate).
    • Meet promoters reserve the right to refuse entry, or to eject anyone from the meet for any reason.
    • Land Speed Racing is a dangerous activity and you enter this meet with that knowledge. The event promoter, FIM, AMA, BLM, their sponsors and affiliates will not be liable for any action in which you volunteer that may put you at risk.
    • The Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials is open to wheel driven record attempts only. No other propulsion entries will be accepted.
    • All entries are subject to a 5% Processing and Handling fee
    • Entries submitted after August 1 are not guaranteed a participant t-shirt and/or swag bag. Overage is ordered and will be issued only while stocks last.
    • Onsite entry does not include gate passes. Daily pass(es) shall be purchased to gain entry for the Rider. The rider wristband will permit entry for the remainder of the week
  • Insurance
    • Rider medical insurance is the responsibility of the participant. Contact the AMA for details on their rider medical insurance policies available for participants in AMA sanctioned meets.
  • Still Photo and Video Rights

    • The Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials (BMST) is an event produced and owned by Deliciate Promotions, LLC. Deliciate Promotions, LLC holds the still photo and video rights to this event.

    • Commercial and certain photographic and/or filming may be subject to a BLM required permit as well as BLM and Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials fees. For further details if your use will require a fee contact us  Note: ALL commercial use requires review, contract, and licensing.

    • The use of drones is expressly forbidden without written approval from BMST. Further details coming soon.

      • BMST Commercial Rights: BMST claims and owns the Commercial Rights to any and all creative content recorded or gathered during the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials and/or any of its associated events.  BMST does not claim ownership of independently captured creative content, only its use in commercial applications. Entities that would like to commercially benefit by their association with BMST, and any of the events associated with the BMST, must enter into contract with the BMST to use any associated creative content before producing or releasing any commercial promotion featuring its participation in or association with the BMST. Commercial entities who bring their own contracted media (photographers, videographers, writers, etc.,) to BMST events must contract with BMST in advance (review media credentials for more information). A Commercial Rights License must be signed when an individual and/or organization desires to use footage, photos, digital media, maps, logos, etc., from BMST for any promotional, commercial or marketing endeavor. If a company or competitor uses the BMST brand (logo/photos/etc.) to help sell or endorse a product or service, a Commercial Rights License must be obtained. Such licenses are granted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Use of Likeness:
    • Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials (BMST); (Deliciate Promotions, LLC) and its representatives (including authorized Media) will be recording, filming and photographing during the event, which may capture your Likeness, in multiple media platforms throughout the event. By registering for the event, attending the event, and participating in event meetings and activities, you consent to BMST use of your likeness in any media distribution, broadcast, use or dissemination, in perpetuity, without any further approval from or compensation to you. You release BMST from any and all liability related to the dissemination, reproduction, distribution, and/or display of your Likeness in print or any and all other media, and any alteration, distortion or illusionary effect of your Likeness, whether intentional or otherwise, in connection with said use. You also understand that you may not withdraw your permission for use of your Likeness which was granted in this Authorization.
  • Minors
    • Any minors that are attending the meet must have both of their parents/guardians sign the Minor Release Form at the gate. If the minor’s parents/ guardians will not be accompanying them to the meet, the supervising adult must have a notarized Consent Letter authorizing them to sign on behalf of the parents/guardians. For more details contact the event promoter or the AMA. Minor Racers are recommended to complete the annual waiver. Form must be printed in color. All terms and conditions for entry apply to minors as accepted by the parent or guardian.
    • AMA Minor Competition Consent Form
  • Conduct and Sporstmanship
    • All riders/participants are deemed responsible for the actions of their family, crew and personal photographers. All participants understand that violation of the rules and procedures by any one they are responsible for, can lead to fines and forfeiture of their competition privileges.
    • All persons entering the meet, including spectators, agree to respect the salt surface and will make every effort to protect this resource. Trash and recycling is to be carried out or disposed of in the dumpster’s provided.
  • Refunds
    • All sales are final.  No refunds.
    • Participants can sell their entry to another participant- however fees will not be returned to the original owner by the event promoter. All financial transactions due to sale of entry are between seller and purchaser. Seller must give written notice to the event promoter granting transfer of fees to the buyer.
  • Force Majeure:
    • Neither Participant nor Event Promoter shall be liable to the other for default or delay in performing its obligations, if caused by an event beyond its reasonable control, provided that the affected party gives prompt written notice of any such inability to perform to the other party. All participants are urged to check the BMST website and social media in the days leading up to the event and during the event for the most current event conditions and updates.
  • Event Cancellation
    • Per AMA Supplemental regulations rule 1.0 Weather: “…The event promoters, sponsors and officials shall not be responsible for delays, postponements, or cancellations due to weather or course conditions or acts of God for any reason….”
    • Postpone/Cancellation Procedure: Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials (BMST); (Deliciate Promotions, LLC) and its representatives will strive to keep participants and the community apprised of any postponement or cancellation of its event. It will do this through its website, email, and social media. All participants are urged to check the BMST website and social media in the days leading up to the event and during the event for the most current event conditions and updates.
    • In the event of a cancellation (prior to event start) issued by the promoter, Rollover Credits (NO CASH VALUE), will be provided for the next available race.
    • Refunds less administrative processing fees (25%) may be requested within 30 days of a declared event cancellation.
      • Deliciate Promotions LLC/BMST, does not provide AMA membership or FIM fee (licensing, application) refunds. Any refunds fall under the policy of AMA and FIM organizations.
    • All Rollover Credits have the following conditions:
      • No cash value.
      • Valid for following yearly race event only.
      • No refund if unable to attend following yearly race event.
      • A completed entry form will be required for rollover to be applied.
      • FIM/AMA membership or application fees are not included in Rollover Credits.
      • Non-transferable.

Questions? Contact the Entry Coordinator

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