FIM Licensing Info and Forms

Here is where will find documents that will assist you in completing the FIM licensing and attempt application required for a World Record attempt at the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials.

FIM entry consists of 3 parts:
A) Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials event Entry Form
B) Rider Licensing
C) World Record Application

ALL 3 parts must be completed and submitted to the AMA and BMST by the 30 Day Prior to event start deadline to compete for a World Record attempt.

(A) Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials entry Register Here

(B) Rider Licensing (Submitted for processing and approval to the AMA: Email to Connie Fleming

  • 2023 FIM License Application.  Note: The designated IMN for BMST is 197/02.  BMST License application coming soon
  • AMA 2023 Annual Participant Release Coming soon
    • Minor Digital Waiver Coming soon
    • Minor (Sole custody version) Waiver Coming Soon
  • FIM Medical History & Examination. Note: Information shown here is for 2022- ’23 info updating soon.  Exercise EKG required for participants over 50 years old. Results are valid for 3 years. Medical Form Here. Additional Information here (Art 09.1 pg 8+ for Exam info, Art 09.2.1 pg 23 for racers over 50yo).
  • FIM 2022 (2023 coming soon) Anti-Doping Code. Read the full code online. Submit Appendix 3-Rider Consent digital waiver coming soon


(C) World record attempt application
(Submitted for processing  to the AMA: Email to Connie Fleming form will be then forwarded to the FIM).

  • World record attempt application.- 2023 Form coming soon.
  • Photos certifying the condition of the machine are strongly recommended for new motorcycles (2 photos with fairing and 2 without fairings), the effectiveness of the safety points (photos of each point). Digital format required. Please use hi-res 500kb or larger to ensure that the bike can bee seen. All machines must provide photos- even if it has participated before in the same configuration.

Additional Information

PDF checklist for USA Residents 2022   Click Here
PDF checklist for International Residents 2022. –Click Here International Residents must complete part (B) & (C) in accordance with your local FMN,  To find the organization in your country click here.

Need assistance with you bike classification?

BMST’s Classification flowchart

If you know your AMA class designation click here. This chart is for information only. It should not replace reading and understanding the FIM rules and classifications. The Event promoter will not be held responsible if you incorrectly classify your vehicle.

Your documentation for part (B) & (C) is to be submitted to the AMA 30 days prior to event start. Address and contact details are listed on the FIM License application.


  • Part (b) and (c) is due 30 days prior to event start.
    • This must be submitted to FIM 30 days prior to the event. The AMA will forward your paperwork to the FIM after submittal. We have set deadlines for the paperwork to arrive at the AMA to ensure we have enough time to confirm it’s complete and submit it to the FIM. If you do not meet the deadlines we cannot guarantee that your paperwork will be submitted in time (deadlines are listed on the checklist)
  • Each motorcycle and/or each class will require a separate World Record Attempt Application (part b). This is also true if you compete in an additional class (i.e. with fairing (div b) and without fairings (div a)) with the same vehicle. Please include full Category/Group/Division/Type/Class/No. of Cylinders in the appropriate sections on the World Record Attempt Application.
  • If you have one vehicle but more than one rider, BOTH riders must be licensed to be eligible for the world record attempt. You need also to submit a WR application for each rider, and an additional rider form for BMST entry.
  • There is NO longer a certification fee charged for Successful Attempts after the meet, as in years past. Certification is included in your FIM License fee and BMST Entry fee.

For further assistance or questions please contact Connie Fleming at the AMA or contact us.

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