Fuel Services

Paul Oil Company: Sunoco Race Fuels

Fuel Services are provided by Paul Oil Company with Sunoco Race Fuels.
All participants competing for AMA National Records in Gasoline classes are required to purchase their gasoline from a meet-approved vendor (See Rule 3.11.B.7.a pg298)

Fuel Services by Paul Oil Company: Sunoco Race Fuels

Fuel and gasoline available onsite for purchase from Paul Oil Services with Sunoco Race Fuels. Information on the Technical specifications is available at www.racegas.com

Hours of Service

Saturday- 12:00-17:00
Sunday- Wednesday 8:30- 17:00
Thursday- NO SERVICE.  Fill your tanks/Jugs on Wednesday!

SunocoERC Equivalent
Sunoco Standard 110 leadedERC 110K Leaded
Sunoco Maximal 116 LeadedERC A-19C+ Leaded
Sunoco SR18 118 Leaded ERC A-8D Leaded
Sunoco SS 100ERC MUL/B Unleaded
Sunoco 260 GT PlusERC RUL/H Unleaded

Additional Products Available:

Regular Gasoline 87 Octane
Penngrade Lubricants
Fuel Jugs & Accessories

Please contact Paul Oil Company 800-527-6090 for any questions about the products or to request something that may not be on the list.

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