Volunteer Information

Here’s some extra info for volunteers!

MTI Students



Meals will be covered while you are working on the following per-diem basis.
Cash for Dinner, Food ticket for lunch.
Lunch will be provided out on the salt. You will need to get a ‘food’ ticket to exchange with the food vendor out there (these will be issued in the staff. If you are working the course we will deliver your lunch to you (no ticket needed). We will provide you with water throughout the day- please drink lots of water and make sure you keep drinking water. It is easy to get de-hydrated if you don’t. Some Gatorade type drinks are also recommended if it is extremely hot.

It might also be a good idea to bring some non-perishable snacks. The days can be long and while we will provide lunch, course workers especially are reliant on deliveries for food.

Hotel Accommodations

Those that have room reservation in the BMST Staff Block will be staying at an area hotel. Your hotel confirmation number will be emailed to you (rooms are already confirmed). All rooms shall be twin share. If you did not specify another volunteer as your roommate- you may have one allocated. Rooms will be in both names. If you want to pick your own hotel please contact the event manager info@bonnevillespeedtrials.com for options and approval.


There are some items that we can never have enough of. If you have any of the following items, and are able to bring them, they may help out: binoculars, chairs, ice chests, E-Z ups or anything that might make you more comfortable.


Any approved reimbursements must be submitted to BMST no later than September 30th of each year. Reimbursements have to be submitted with the appropriate form (you can get one from us) and the original receipt. Only purchases approved by the Event Promoter prior to purchase will be accepted for reimbursement.

Staff Identification

Staff will be provided with Staff t-shirts and credentials for admittance to the gate. You will be  expected to show these at the gate to gain entrance each day. Please bring your ticket or photo ID on the first day so the gate staff can check you in.

Traveling To/From Wendover

You are responsible for your own transportation to and from Wendover, and on and off the salt.
There are usually some opportunities for car pool with folks once you get there.

Wendover/West Wendover

Wendover is where we will be staying and is about a 10 min drive to Bonneville. Wendover sits on the border of Utah and Nevada. West Wendover is the Nevada side of town and Wendover is the Utah side. It is a small town with few amenities other than what the Casinos offer. There is a supermarket, hardware & Auto parts store, fast food places, truck stop, and several great mexican restaurants.

Staff Meeting:

As a volunteer event Staff Member, all Staff are expected to attend the staff meeting on the salt 8am Saturday prior to racing. You will be issued your Staff credentials; t-shirts; food money; and we will be meeting to go over procedures for each area. We will then split into our work areas and move into our work  schedule for the first day. The meeting is held in the registration area on the salt. The Front Gate Staff will direct you once you get to the access road. Please print and bring your volunteer entry to speed up your access to the salt. There will be a check-in and Staff list at the Front Gate so that you can be checked off and sent into the area to pick up your items.

Getting to the Salt Flats (from Wendover):

Event Map

Google Map

There is an exit/entry point onto the freeway right next to the Montego Bay or you can drive east through town and meet up with the freeway. The Bonneville exit is EXIT 4- BONNEVILLE SPEEDWAY. You will take a left over the  overpass on SPEEDWAY RD. Past the Sinclair Gas Station and Salt Flats Café (Great Mexican Food!!). Continue on Speedway road. Watch for the sharp right turn, and follow the  road. You’ll eventually get to the cul-du-sac at on the access road where gate staff will be posted. This is also lovingly referred to as the ‘Boat Ramp’.

Time Zone

Wendover (both sides) and Bonneville are in the MOUNTAIN time zone. All times for the event are at local time so remember to flip your watches when you get there.

Mile 7 Claude McKee
Linnea 5AM– Opening the event!
Loretta receiving 150 MPH coin
Drew scruitineering

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