Ready to Race? BMST Salt Course Conditions Update



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Salt Course Conditions Update

Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials 2015
AMA Land Speed Grand Championship

Presented by NGrained Inc.

We are still running.
The season continues and motorcycles will be heading to the salt to break AMA national and FIM world records August 29-September 3rd.

Last year and again this year, we are facing a particularly challenging environment for beginning course development. All of the community and fellow LSR race organizations want to see us run and we are all sharing information and resources to enable that to happen.

First Assessment

Based on conditions, we are cautiously optimistic. At this time we are still planning on racing because we have identified potential course locations that will support breaking records.  As many saw last year, our team was able to take our decades of combined experience to find and island of salt to race on.  We adapt to the conditions to provide the best experience for participants and we will do this again.

Salt Conditions

Conditions are assessed every year to find the optimal locations for courses. This weekend was the first onsite assessment by members of our course management team. Our course management team consists of experienced racers and track officials with decades of experience on the salt. Based on their assessment which included discussions with other race organizations and with resources in the area, we are cautiously optimistic that we will be able to build courses and hold the event as planned.

Where is the Salt?

There is still salt at the Bonneville Salt Flats. In this dynamic environment, the salt has moved. There is more salt in the western area than in the eastern section of the typical courses. What our team has found is that a considerable amount of the salt appears to have migrated.  The conditions they described are similar to when a sand bar moves. This just means that, based on the salt location, we are adjusting course configurations.

What about rain?

We are 3 weeks out and no more appreciable rain fall will result in the conditions we need to race.

Didn’t it rain last week?

Conditions were great up until Friday Aug 7th and a course was being developed for another organization. However, on Friday, the area received about an inch of rain. The resulting build up of water on the salt flats is expected to be absorbed/evaporated within 11 days. This is still within our timeline for dragging and developing the course.

As we get closer and as we get updates, we will be sharing information on and our social media. We will be in contact and sharing updates as conditions improve.

We are all looking forward to a great event.

See you on the Salt!

Delvene Manning

Event Manager/Owner

Deliciate Promotions LLC

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