Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials: New Name! New Owner!

Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, The AMA Land Speed Grand Championship, is the premier motorcycle land speed racing event. Although this is the first year for this event, it is building from a tradition of excellence set by Denis Manning and the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials.

After nearly 40 years of operating a performance motorcycle exhaust company and 10 years of operating the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials, Denis Manning has decided to move on to new pursuits. Some would call this retirement but Denis will likely be calling it more time for working on bikes. We salute Denis for giving us all a chance to pursue our dreams of world and national records and are happy to announce a new event and an owner familiar to many participants.

Delvene Manning, Owner, Deliciate Promotions LLC, and Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, is carrying on the tradition of running the premier motorcycle land speed racing event. She has been the behind the scenes manager of BUB events since their inception over 10 years ago. As an event manager, and a fellow salt fever addict, Delvene is looking forward to delivering another action packed week of record breaking motorcycle performance August 23-28 2014 at the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials.

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