A Message from Scooter

ScooterGrubb_Hiro_KoisoTo my Salt family,
It is with considerable relief that I let you know that the pictures from BMST 2014 are up on my website at the link below. Because I am SOOOO far beyond my timelines I have discounted every print size, both paper and metal, thru the end of May. I will still put your name, class, speed record etc. on any print that you want and there will be no charge, just send me an email with the picture number and the information and I will get it done ASAP. Also, there will be a 2014 book which I will begin working on immediately and I will let you all know the moment it is finished and as in years past, you may pick your own cover photo for your personal book.
I am beyond grateful for the support of my Salt Family since I returned home from BMST last September. Many of you know what my health situation has been and it has been one hell ride but I am back to full strength, working, exercising. I am back on track and feeling truly blessed. I will see you all in August.
Here is a link to the site:
If you have ANY questions or requests don’t hesitate to drop me a note at scootershoots@gmail.com
My heartfelt thanks to you all especially the “Salt Princess”, Delvene.
See you all on the Salt,

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